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"The bloke who rented the car is John Burroughs and he old his Cosmopolitan Certify. He has booked the car for three months and has given the Wentworth Hotel as his temporary address. He paid the set aside and whole week's rental in change."
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She played with the bra in the mirror of her walk-in closet, putting it on and taking it idle, pleased with the ease that it required removing and replacing it on her core. She was especially pleased that it could be taken off in one portion, a choose garment that was unnecessary to be pulled on the body, just clasped on. Her insight that Harry enjoyed feeding her insatiable craving for intimate garments had her eagerly anticipating his next prize. She also knew she was postponing the inevitable. She tossed the bra on the bed. Clothes would not matter either. She picked up the phone and dialed.
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"Say thank you you very much." Russell commented wryly.
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