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"Hey, you're the in-a-rush-dandy from my pod," she said to me.
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I walked home and felt a peculiar sense of relief and satisfaction and terror.
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Since they checked luggage, it took them a while to get out of the airport. It was frustrating for Suzanne who almost always just took a carry-on bag. When the certain bag came down the conveyor sash with the last batch of luggage, she breathed a sough of help. The idea of having to file a crowd of paperwork for lost baggage was not a gleeful one. She gain d stage the last type onto the cart and they headed to the rental car alternate. From there on, things went relatively lickety-split.
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"Hello," John said. He got two smiles back, not at all what he expected. Whatever children he had seen in the market were scarcely hellions. A couple, he wanted to put a boot up their ass... and their mothers, too.
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