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"My boss told me to take two weeks off work. I was..."
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"Yes," she whispered back, her hips starting to slowly drive back and forth.
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"It was thought the most conwenient way of ensuring his timely arrival, sir."
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I own to once again thank SoCalCynic for editing this thing. He puts up with my ramblings and my bad writing habits, so he deserves lots of free booze and cookies, should you guys ever stick across him. Thanks again, Cynic, for making me feel like a better writer than I truly am.
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Marc laughed, "No they're used to us bringing home stray kids."
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"Not at all. It's an unhappy coincident. Besides, I thought it was apt for us to portion a room tory then. We're supposed to convince people that it's a happy marriage. We can't snooze in separate bedrooms."
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