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"Wow, it's after one. Where did the time go?" Colby said in surprise. All of a impulsive, she felt keen. "I need to get on with something to eat." She looked over at Suzanne. After having asked Suzanne out for lunch a a handful of of times, she felt a little shy about doing it again. While she didn't have any sense that there was a problem, Colby couldn't swear that there wasn't one either. Still, they had been working together and if it was anyone else, Colby wouldn't have hesitated. "Would you like to grab a bite to eat?" she absolutely asked.
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"It was legitimate a first date. I met her getting a smoothie after jogging. The line was understanding of wish and we were talking. She's good looking with short blonde ringlets. She's taller than me, but who isn't. She's equitably buff. I financial stability by no manner of means she has long legs, but they are maybe a little over muscled." Colby looked down at Suzanne's legs. "Not like yours," she said and then realized that must sound bad. "I mean, I'm sorry Suzanne I hope it doesn't bother you for me to say this but you have nice legs. You've got them covered up now, but I've seen them. I wish I had fancy legs like yours."
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"Bye. Possess fun on your epoch," Suzanne replied.
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