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Marc picked me up and stood me on my feet, kissing me on my belly-button as he undid my jeans and slid them down my legs. Next to go was my pink thong and I was naked before him. He picked me up again and lay me gently on his bed, then did a dorky strip-tease for me before joining me underneath the covers. The feel of Marc's warm naked body against me was making me tingle all over, my nipples were puffing up and my pussy was already wet. I could feel his hard cock throbbing against me. We began kissing again, our hands roaming over our naked bodies. Our fingers tracing lines of lightning across our skin. Marc slipped his hand between my legs and ran his fingers across my reactive outer lips, feeling the wetness that had already accumulated there. His fingers slipped by nature me and I gasped and arched my back, letting out a ashamed mourn of pleasure. Marc began to move his fingers slowly in and out of me, driving me imbecile with his slow deliberate movements.
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"As well as can be expected, I guess," her father replied. He offered no further embellishment. He was not going to award her any openings. She looked behind her and noticed that Colby already found a bench beyond by where Uncle Peter told them to sit. There was a little spark of irritation in Suzanne, not with Colby but with her father. It avoided any other deterioration of the situation, but it also meant she couldn't introduce someone important to her.
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His thoughts wandered back to the good old days of the 'cloak and kris circus' when there was a gentlemen's' agreement between them that wouldn't let them do anything without outset clearing it with each other. There existed a certain camaraderie between agencies and agents, they would score a some points off each other, the street facts to support each other out and warn each other if there was any jeopardy likely to be ahead.
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Marc continued to finger fuck me as he started playing with my small breasts, kissing sucking and nuzzling them. I could feel in one's bones my orgasm structure within me and couldn't hold it back. My body spasmed and I cried out, my pussy clutching onto Marc's fingers, not wanting to let them pass on. I wrapped my arms about Marc and held him tight as I shuddered through several intense orgasms.
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