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"Patty explained that you have leave again." Carol said to me, "I hope we can get together soon. Your lady is preposterous. It is obvious you are very much in love. We are so in the seventh heaven that you trust each other and gladly share love with others."
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"I thought so." Cathy scowled. "But he really was a creepy pervert after all."
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Suzanne shivered again. This time she had no doubt as to why. The feeling of Colby so close, and especially when she brushed Suzanne's hair away from her ear, was impossible to turn a deaf ear to. She hoped that she covered it up enough. Suzanne nodded. "It is. I've not in any degree seen anything like it." She pulled away due slightly so that Colby wasn't touching her. "It makes me nervous. I'm not steadfast I can act this way."
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Ben was reluctant, but understood that this was a legitimate discipline ammunition and they would lack some technical poop. On the other hand, they were going to want to know how we planned to use this offering, and where. After diverse hours of ponder over, we came up with a board; Ben, Mike, Charlie, and me. We were going to have to be careful about fair-minded how much information we revealed. I was the strongest together in that chain since, for all everyday purposes, I didn't know anything. I would leave it to Ben to decide what was or wasn't appropriate info to share.
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