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"But wouldn't most people ride out a 'No comment' as not wanting to admit involvement." Maria came into the room with a tray containing a plate of toast and pots of jams, marmalade and butter.
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I decided I'd better email her back and reassure her. Settle accounts if there was every chance John would come back and look upward of my shoulder while I did.
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I looked over my mix with at her. "It's eleven at night, not that innumerable people around. It's customary to grip you an hour or more to break out back to the pod on your own. A ride on my shoulders will flourish you there in five minutes. I don't know about you, but my time is precious. And God forbid the gimp girl should show that she can use help. Everyone needs help, mad. If it helps you save face, act like it is a boyfriend-girlfriend fetich. Act like you like me. Kiss my ear as we go across the quad. Giggle or something. Anyone outlying there will think we're an piece, but that's more than the gimp bit of skirt needing help, sound?"
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