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She could feel her palms slicking under the smooth table. Her pulse had risen to a dangerous stride and eventually was slowing down. The steady music was now quiet and all she could hear was a steady thumbing that rattled her brain.
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Anesthesia positively, Raeden thought. That shit didn't do fuck except make me feel dizzy. Regardless, at the doctor's urging, he scooted around on the bed until his feet were hanging off the end, in easy reach of the torture device.
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"Huh? Most have... what, dear Eliza? I... what?"
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Aware her cheeks were beet red, Suzanne shook her head. "No, and it's never changed. I blame the years in church," she said. She tried to say it as a banter, but it actually sounded as bitter as it really was.
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When I caught my breath I smiled up at him, "wow, you can kiss me like that anytime."
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