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He smiled. "You told me yesterday you knew you weren't pregnant. And even if you hadn't told me that, I happened to notice you had two pills liberal in the packet when I was in your bathroom at the inn."
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I reached up and kissed him, enlightened that we needed to talk, that there were things that needed to be said between us, things I was desperately afraid of saying.
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"Hey, I should go, I think I've finished bleeding all over your floor now."
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"Big agreement. College is for wimps. The real college is the real world," Patrick proclaimed. Greg wasn't unshakeable but he didn't respond anything. "Go hype a dismount some sleep kid, we're getting the bitch up early in the morning," he added. Greg looked at his sibling for a minute then turned and walked up the stairs to the bedroom. When Greg was out of eyeshot, Patrick returned to the living room and grabbed Callia's arm. "Come with me," he grumbled. Callia stumbled as she followed Patrick down the stairs into the basement, shivered when the cool air touched her crust. Patrick ripped the robe from her body and pushed her inexpertly onto the couch, chained her legs to the support beams holding up the basement. Callia winced and tried to close her knees, but the posts were far satisfactorily aside that her legs were splayed open as play a part go overboard as they could go.
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"Why are you still hard?" she asked in amazement.
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