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Chris smiled, and gently refused her offer. He knew where this would lead to. It would lead to a unrelenting wife, lots of shopping and a steady depletion of his bank account. He was going to stoppage clear of that.
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"'Bye!" Melissa and Gavin chorused before shutting the door gently behind them and heading to whichever union they had picked to stopover tonight.
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A black beetle of a taxi sidled into the kerb and discharged a grey figure onto the footpath. Rugged up against the chill the get dashed into the nearest doorway. The building was anonymous. It squatted like so many other anonymous buildings, shoulders hunched against the weather, protecting the few occupants that needed to be advantageous its spiritless confines.
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"Oh, my God! You're hurt! Sit down, here and let me look at it. C'mon, sit down. Eliza, contrive me some spicy water and soap. Hurry up."
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"Yeah...okay." Chad nodded then hooked his leg around Blaine's ankles and flipped him into the snow.
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