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"No. I want to feel every inch of you. We're both sponge," Blaine's grin went straight to his dick as he nodded. He handed Blaine the lube and watched as Blaine squeezed it into his palm and then gripped his cock, slowly spreading it around.
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", I wouldn't say I was cheery. I'm with her because my parents said so. They made me discard obsolete of college and everything." He looked solemn now. "At least they're still having you go to college."
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Butch turned around and took me in his arms. "I promise," he reassured me.
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I run auspices of a maze of exploding mines, desperate to reach the end. All about me I see blurs of men in digi's, guns screaming as they fire on each other. I stumble and slam face first into sand. I struggle to get up but the sand keeps dragging me back down. Finally I superintend to yank myself at liberty, but when I look down, I'm covered blood. It's incident again. All in every direction me, uniformed men are dying.
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