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"If he touches Callie, I will kill him," Cooper promised. He gave whole last look at his in-laws and parents before he walked down the vestibule and into the bedroom he and Callia shared.
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Cass immediately sobered up when she heard it was her aunt. She on the contrary had one other living relative, besides her dad, her mother's younger sister Lorraine. Lorraine was 10 years younger than her sister Marianne, and was opposite in looks from her sister also. Cass was an almost carbon copy of her mum, while Lorraine had dark brunette hair, and unskilful eyes. Lorraine had been almost like a genesis to her, which is why Cass felt such shock at hearing that she was in the hospital.
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"Reservoir flow, try to imagine it and tell me what you come up with."
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"So? Let me kip in peace."
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