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His eyes fired instantly.
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'I said, kiss me,' he said, holding me tightly.
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"Am I your boss, Clara with the magnificent ass, it's what they call me here, Clara the barefaced? Clara the desirable? Clara my pussy girl?" Charity asked.
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Hi there, I'm pitiable for the keep in a holding pattern. This is the finale exchange for Chalk and Cheese. I've decided that Mike deserves a story of his own so Mike and Veronica choice be dealt with next (I promise). With regard to the title, Chalk and Cheese is a very British expression, and as catman71 said, it is about complete opposites. Thanks very much for all your comments and voting, please continue to do so and I hope you enjoy the story.
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Eliza tried to consign her maddening interest in her sister's relationship with James away. She was lonely; she knew that and the two lovers no longer hid their beeswax from her. It bothered her because she was alone and cried herself to sleep too many nights now. Where was someone for her?
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