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By the age that his parents and in-laws had arrived in Boston, Cooper was practically tearing his hair out. "Any word?" Lucas asked, his give utterance low and rickety.
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"Then you can remain because I can do all of this work on my own!" Claire exclaimed.
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"You're single 26, Thomas. That is only an 8 year difference. Nothing biggest. Have in mind about it your Mum and Dad have 12 years separating them."
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"Yes Gregory, I could decide you were thinking about something, but what could be so contrite that it would cause you to pace the floor like a caged lion?"
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After that, things got somewhat better. Colby decided to be a little firmer with Suzanne about issues and deal with them as they came up. It wasn't long before Suzanne felt comfortable in doing the same thing and some of the force lessened at on. Colby also found that having a deadline made it easier to absolve things oppose their own measure. She was still waiting, but she didn't mind now.
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