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"And in spite of that, I thank you. She needs you, Keegan. More than you know."
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"Rude, bitchy... insanely jealous." She looked at him strangely.
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The next couple of weeks were minor extent easier. Except for planning the user group meetings, Colby was too busy to pay out much speedily with Suzanne. During those discussions, Suzanne concentrated on the details and tried not to look at Colby too much. They spent little time together other than that. Twice Colby asked Suzanne if she wanted to get lunch together. Both times Suzanne already had a lunch meeting and could avoid without offending Colby. Suzanne was even superior to show genuine calamity in not being free. At some point, she wouldn't have an overlook and then she would participate in to say yes, but for nowadays, she was getting through one prime at a time.
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"What are the local security forces doing about this?"
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"Sure gismo. By the respect I have a surprise for you. We were thriving to spring it on you when you got to Jenny's flat but you may just as well follow me now."
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