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"What do you want me to do?" Jenny asked.
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She glanced up into the depict and truism him standing aside the bed, staring at her. 'How long had he been standing there like that?'
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"You will be the lady of my house any minute now reasonably, my love. But I would be happy to send one of my girls over."
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Aidan was too horny to question her any further, so he did as she asked. He was quickly rewarded with the lady of his dreams crawling over to straddle his lap. She gently began to rubbing her naked, wet pussy over his hard length through his shorts. He groaned loudly -- he couldn't help it.
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He wondered who would concur to such a marriage. It would father to be a friend, or possibly up an associate, but the fact that the marriage was temporary and not real ought to be made very clear.
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