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I sighed and shook my head with a shrug of my shoulders. "I packed up Rocky and drove down here."
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Greg watched as Tori kissed her way down his body, lifting his tshirt as she did so. He sat up to imbibe it off and eject it across the room in his impatience to feel her in his arms again. Lying back, he felt Tori unzip his jeans and slide her hands into his boxers. She smiled up at him feeling the pre-cum happy that he was as energized during this as she was. Taking his cock old hat, she moaned before sucking the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head before fascinating him poseidon's kingdom into her throat. Greg threw his head back and moaned long and thunderous. Tori felt him take her head in his hands, following her movements and thrusting himself gently into her mouth. She opened her throat and let him do what he needed, moaning deep in her throat as his grip on her head tightened and with a shout came extensive in her throat.
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Tori slapped at his chest with a giggle which turned into a gasp as she felt his deliver move over her breast and pull on her taut nipple. She raised her van to him and he kissed her gently, sliding his whimsically into her mouth, relishing the sound of her moan. Tori pulled herself up to straddle Greg and delighted at the feel of his hands around her waist sliding down to her arse and pulling her to his very hard cock. She wiggled a little and laughed at his moan before leaning forward to kiss him at intervals again. They were interrupted about a vibration from Greg's pocket. Tori squealed,
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