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So the familiar beeping sound of someone tapping a few into a sensitive phone came as a rather unwished for surprise. Jerking back to full wakefulness, I twisted around to see Luke grinning. "Ssh," he mouthed, using the forceps to point to the curtain. "Someone's out there. Don't say--"
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She didn't dare look behind her for fear that she would give away her foresee of being followed, which she hoped that she wasn't. She had the feeling that she had been followed ever since she had left Washington. Even though she hadn't noticed anyone, logic told her that she was being followed because that's what they did. Hope told her that the precautions that she had taken had ensured that she wasn't being followed, and she was living on hope.
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"We can't. We're in public," she said between gasps. I tortured her nipples and licked her neck from her collarbone to the behindhand of one ear.
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"I don't know," she replied softly. "I just feel so overwhelmed by it all."
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