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"Maybe he wants to learn some brand-new tricks," Laura suggested.
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The time between shifts passed the way it perpetually did: without merit. Adrian had a series of disturbed application packets he had found in a toughened book store. They were similar to the ones the hospital had given him after his calamity, perhaps a little harder and varied. The one he was on now had the words "FIFTH GRADE" in big morose bubbled letters across the front. Cheerful cartoon children graced the upper outside corner of every page.
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They called in seeking an ambulance to come for the victims and while they waited they thoroughly searched the room. They found the accustomed paraphernalia that accompanied the lifestyle of the typical user, the posters, records scattered around the record player and piles of clothing in various stages of decomposition.
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His fear of loneliness cryptic by his boyish eagerness to please her, an unknown person she was then and now he knew he could describe every inch of her body, every smile she ever had on her face, every chiding of her soul.
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Opening the refrigerator, she took prohibited the cake and cut him a generous slice. "Here, John, notify me if you like it."
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