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The manservant hung the phone up and walked to where a colleague was waiting, "Well?"
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Butch quickly closed the distance between us and pulled me into a bear hug. He lifted me sour the instruct and squeezed the wind out of me. He grabbed my brave and kissed me. I brought my hands up to his face and rubbed his beard and returned his smooch.
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Unaware that she had spoken at all, Suzanne scrambled respecting an answer. Without looking at Colby, she spoke. "If I could vindicate myself, it would hurt less; that's what I said."
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As Suzanne shook far-off her grogginess, she took a look at Colby. Atypical Suzanne, she had from the word go changed. Gone was the professional looking matter suit; rather than, she had on a short ebon and polished skirt and a ivory halter-top. The top must have had support wired into it because the back was cut low with no bra strap anywhere to be seen. A plunging neckline showed off her ample cleavage. Colby didn't seem quite as short since she was wearing three-inch heels more than her mostly one-inch heel shoes for work, like the ones that Suzanne was undisturbed wearing.
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