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"Just a moment. Can we see some cut of categorizing? If we track down out cold anything of interest we will need to know who to talk to." Jenny asked.
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As Piper's freudian slip started to pass into Suzanne's mouth, it was met there by Suzanne's keep mum. Quest of a second the two tips hesitantly touched, greeting each other; then Piper slid hers in all the route. She could feel Suzanne's freudian slip swirling about her own, not yet rash to explore Piper's mouth. She pressed harder as Suzanne's ebullience began to mount and she opened her exit wider to let Piper do whatever she wanted in the kiss. From the little noises that Suzanne was making, Piper knew the effect she was having on her. Slowly she began to pull upon someone, her tongue origin to retreat behindhand into her own mouth. As it did, Suzanne's blunder probed a few uncertain times but Piper ended this kiss. It wouldn't be the last; Piper was certain of that.
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