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"What would happen if we were to get someone to connection that tame cop, what was his dub again? Kelly, and tip him off that there was accepted to be a transmit of goods tomorrow morning. If we tomfoolery our cards right it will look as if he had been following Frankie."
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"Nick, Kyle, Thomas and Katie are here," Chad extracted Blaine's hand and pulled on a set of two of black jeans.
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"Ty, we need to talk." This was an untypical statement coming from Angie. After all, Mrs. Angie Milton was his piercing school chemistry cicerone as well as the reason he woke up lose loophole of it that morning. No doubt this sweetheart was calling to shut Tyrone up about what happened.
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The relocation of Caroline and her household, however, was to be delayed. It was not that London suffered from a shortage of laborers. Rather, it was their seriousness that was at up in the air. On the first of April came the news that Paris had fallen to the allies two days before. London erupted in commemoration. On the following week, the information from France kept the streets of London filled with revelers. On April 2, Napoleon was deposed by the French Sénat. On April 6, his marshals compelled his abdication in favor of his son. And there would be yet more. The word on the streets, and in the homes of the wealthy and powerful who had welcomed Caroline into their salons, was that the allies intended to force an unconditional abdication, restoring power in France to the monarchy where it belonged.
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Chapter 3 -- October, 1941
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