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"Olivia. Seriously. Enough's enough," he said. He felt his own anger rising as Olivia perfectly gave him a nasty look. There was no stopping her now, she was in her environment.
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The next day was pretty much a repeat of the one before, just in a different hotel. There were a few hiccups with some of the accoutrements but Colby turned at fault to be quite good at troubleshooting them. At the end of the light of day, Suzanne was one time again extremely chuffed with the data they gathered. Impartial like Tuesday, they left to the airport as soon as they finished packing up everything.
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"Yes, I met your Mr. Digby yesterday, in my capacity as executor of the estate. It doesn't catch red-handed me at all. I know little of the law, but it appears that my situation as executor will be to try to confirm that there is some money pink in the order when Mr. Digby finishes paying his fees from it. To return to my gossip, though, William, the second son, had joined the navy in the year two, and Geoffrey quite consequently followed him in the year six. Shortly thereafter, my father well-trained that I ... that I am unlikely to continue the male line, shall we say. That caused another round, and when he threatened to force my case purchasers, I simply disclaimed my own inheritance of the title. I hope I am not speaking too freely?"
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