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What happened to Eliza's accepted-to-church, prim-and-proper sister? Was this the price for leaving the whole shooting match behind? Being his lover? Eliza looked at her sister. Whatever they were doing behind closed doors, Bethany seemed to be the instigator. Her teeny-weeny sister...
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She had charmed all of the precautions that she had study about in all of the best spy books, making reservations with one airline from Dulles to La Guardia but delightful a stand-by ticket at the airport and flying with another to Kennedy. She fought for a cab from Kennedy to Times Square ahead of fetching the subway across village and catching another cab to her motel. She hadn't booked at that hotel either, having made a reservation at a more expensive inn uptown. She took the risk that the three star tourist house would have a vacancy when she checked in. It did.
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She was not in the bed and it wasn't until he heard the shower race that he settled down. He didn't have this hornet's nest first and wondered if it were the different herbs he was taking. It seemed more likely, though, that it was his worry respecting the Japanese.
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