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Advantaged this mansion all semblance of status had disappeared in the anger that was being vented by the said owner onto the two men seated on the other side of the desk. "I sent you guys to carry out a simple work and you allowed yourselves to be sidetracked into personal issues. Not only were you sidetracked but you allowed yourselves to be humiliated not later than a collection of amateurs. What do you have to think for yourselves?"
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"Thank you, Sir Edward, I am quite recovered, and will not require you to catch me a second sooner. I must persist, however, that you execute poor Lucy from her employment, for I will have no means by which to pay a virgo intacta once I receive the last of my late husband's pay. I dare say, based on what he has told me, that the Admiralty wish ask since reimbursement of the last three months' pay, on the grounds that he had already died without properly notifying them."
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