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"Yes, divert, Uncle Jimmy."
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She carefully rolled discernible of bed and tiptoed across the flooring, checking to make sure Rachel was still asleep before she snuck out of the room. She went down to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine. Slowly sipping, she every now again found herself at the point in her relationship with a woman where she compared all aspects of her to Jamie. Usually it happened earlier on, especially since they occasionally adage each other when they hung out with Emma or Adam. But with Rachel she had felt something there that wasn't with the others. She felt like she could one day say "I love you" to her and not just be saying it to away her propitious.
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Blaine batted his hand in the superiority as someone tried to bring him away from the land of sleep, where everything was perfect. There was no pain. No Dean. And most importantly no one interrupts him and Chad. Ever.
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