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“Oh God, Luke.” My voice cracked on the words.
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“Better,” Sandy said. The way she said it could have been a question or a averral. It all depended upon how Suzanne wanted to mimic it.
The last man of piece of whipped cream strawberry pie went to Jim who shared it with Bethany Rose, a nosh at a time. They had missed a lot of dinner and were now picking through whatever leftovers there were still on the kitchen countertop.
“If I can just hold off until they come around with food, I’ll get something concerning both of us,” Colby told herself. Grabbing the airline magazine, she tried to focus on reading it. Regard for her height, Suzanne wasn’t pressing heavily against her. In fact, she was struck by how light she seemed. She tried to turn to look at Suzanne, but when she moved, the sleeping woman made a little noise of protest. Not wanting to wake her, Colby stopped. Suzanne made a little sigh that brought a smile to Colby’s lips. Her eye was caught by Suzanne’s wrists. She hadn’t noticed it once but they seemed a inadequate bony.
“Geoffrey,” she said softly, her eyes fluttering as she pitched forward to the ground one more time.
Sorry Nathan, but I’m falling for Lizzy…
“Oh God, Luke.” My voice cracked on the words.


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