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“Sorry, I be sure I said I wouldn’t but I can’t help it,” he said hastily. “I’ll dig you later?”
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Caroline exhaled. “What a horrible time.”
After dinner, which she wasn’t extremely famished for, she helped Eliza clear the table and put down the accumulation’s ledgers again. There was something missing, she was sure of it. The numbers should have added up, even entrancing into consideration the thievery of the former store manager. The El Segundo collection was a hole in the wall in the ground sucking up his money.
“Ohhhhhhh… oh, yes… right there… ooooooo…”
“You advised of, I had every intent of using this on you. But when I saw your new little girlfriend pull up, I principled couldn’t resist. Plus, I figured this would hurt you so much more….I told you you’d be pitiful, Aidan…”
“Sorry, I be sure I said I wouldn’t but I can’t help it,” he said hastily. “I’ll dig you later?”
<<< Forget my friend, that can wait. I wish for to distinguish about you. I'm glad you're gratified, but are you unavoidable? Just seems a bit quick after Graeme, is all. Don't thirst for you to reach hurt... (Unless this isn't a person you're talking about but a artificial... Ew I can't believe I suggested that. I don't want to know.) And LOL that's ok. You have to contract visit for my B-day tho. There is an implied threat attached to that, btw. Em. XXOO >>>>>


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