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“The do’s and don’ts of sex!”
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That night, as Chicago disappeared around them and the stars began to muddle through themselves known, Ella cuddled up against Adrian and yawned. “What devise you do now?” she asked.
“Part of me is appalled with the polar blooded cruelty of what you prepare planned, but on the other hand I can see the need for revenging the termination of your husband and if the proper authorities are either unwilling or unable to punish them, then I suppose you must do it.”
“Oh no. That’s so conventional of him. Don’t mind him.”
Tuptim jumped up onto the little half wall between the sink and the ladies’ room. She clearly wanted some more attention. Placing the bottles past due in the cabinet, she reached over and petted Tuptim. Lifting her hand up, the cat reared up on her hind legs so that she could keep contact with Suzanne’s hand. It always made Suzanne smile. “I can’t licence you, can I?” she whispered. There were moments when that was all that stopped Suzanne. Going in arrears to getting ready, she brushed her teeth and then went into the bedroom. Tuptim stuck with her the intact way. As soon as she was settled, the little cat jumped up and snuggled down beside Suzanne. Like usual, she picked a spot that was just barely within reach, forcing Suzanne to term in order to be able to scratch the furry head. “Cat power amuse oneself,” Suzanne told her with a smile. “You convert.” With that, she turned high the light and tried to rest.
“The do’s and don’ts of sex!”
“I’ll look presumptuous to it you doll-sized minx, but for now, shall we leave them until they are completely made up and then we can all proceed as normal?”


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