September 2018
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Captain Stanhope dragged Digby outside and closed the door behind him.
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“So how does that have anything to do with why you’re in this car with me?” Sabrina smirked at him knowingly. If there was ever a moment where she felt as if Quincy energy’ve been a good colleague for her, this would be it. His convincing tongue and alluring tone was working in his favor. He sounded confident and onto which was attention-grabbing.
Captain Stanhope dragged Digby outside and closed the door behind him.
Bethany Rose could only shake her head. How simple it was fit him to think that every one had a phone to use. To her, that was a fundamental reformation between the rich white folk and the poor colored folk… simple expectations.
Some of the women who had secretly loved him were saddened to the point of tears to see him leave but romantically understood the forbidden love he had fitting for her. The men were of mixed opinion but most kept pacific about it and wished them well.
Even the Argosy had gotten convoluted, demanding ‘justice,’ martial law and protection for every white lady-in-waiting on the atoll.
“Nothing, I was just exhausted.”


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