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“And for that, I thank you. She needs you, Keegan. More than you know.”
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John told what he had seen exactly. He had not told Em that full story and she gasped aloud as he did now. The Captain listened keenly.
“Are you alright?” Gray asked, his voice was husky, as he rolled off of her to avoid crushing her.
“I like it so a good. It is the ilk of house I’ve always seen myself retiring too. The walks it the woods, grouse shooting and a spot of salmon fishing to while away the time until the pub opens. That sort of stuff.”
As speedily as I touched the control of Naomi’s clit, her richness started shaking. She leaned backtrack from. She grabbed my head to keep from falling more than backwards. Her eyes shut tightly, Her mouth opened wide. As her orgasm overtook her body she opened her eyes and gasped, “Here’s the ‘Brown Sugar’ I promised.” Nectar gushed from her pussy covering my thigh.As she licked her juices from my thigh I glanced at Patty and Carol.
“And for that, I thank you. She needs you, Keegan. More than you know.”
My fake grin turned into a unfeigned lone when Roll deprive of came up the steps and swept me into a big bear hug. “Sorry, we couldn’t be here sooner,” he whispered than kissed me on the forehead.


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