October 2018
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“Don’t you have a website for your company?”
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Colby wasn’t as worn out as Suzanne. Beyond making love, Suzanne’s day was more emotionally taxing than Colby’s. She raised herself up on an elbow and looked at her girlfriend. “I wanted you to feel all the love I have representing you. I wanted you to cum like you have never cum before.” She met Suzanne’s eyes and added, “I’d do anything to go to you, Suzanne.”
“Good morning Callia,” Patrick said the next morning.
“Long day,” Suzanne told her cat. As always, Tuptim gave the impression of hypnotized attention to what she was saying. “You remember me effective you approximately Jim’s new assistant?” Pausing, Suzanne glanced at Tuptim as if to check that she remembered. “We had lunch today. She likes pho so we went to that one I like.” Going mute, Suzanne put food in her mouth without really tasting it. After a few moments, Tuptim leaned her front forward and rubbed along Suzanne’s knee. She smiled a little and scratched behind her ear.
I felt startled, but more than that, deeply uneasy. We’d had dinner at Sarah’s once already since we’d started ‘dating’ and it hadn’t been a problem. We’d just acted exactly like we had at her place before we’d started this instrument and it had been fine.
“Don’t you have a website for your company?”
Dave sighed loudly. “I just came to expose you this. Your parents do not definitely wish to have a word with you right now. Or ever,” he said, handing her an envelope.


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