October 2018
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“Oh I will,” she replied, practically match out the door to where Maria sat.
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“I’m pitiable, John. I really was ready to hit you.”
“Gratefulness you very much.” Russell commented wryly.
“Not decorating the house, and not decorating yourself!”
“I’m lucky,” Suzanne softly said. “Not only in having such a good friend, but to have you now. I’ve never had a friend as supportive as you, not even Chloe. She loved me, I know, but she not till hell freezes over really tried to understand what I was prospering through. I don’t blame her. I was so horrible and she was just trying to talk to me. All she knew was that I was hurting her, and myself. Her mom was so great; I don’t think she could grasp the suggestion that I would fritter my line. It wasn’t in the realm of possibilities for her.” Suzanne sighed. “But it was for me, and I couldn’t take that chance, not back then.”
“Oh I will,” she replied, practically match out the door to where Maria sat.
Let me explain. I’m a dual major in French and International Realtions. I want to join the wise corps when I graduate. Ultimately, I’d love to work in a consulate or the embassy in France. I’ve been there four times now, and it feels like home. I’m not willing to send up my American citizenship, so I privation to be a diplomat in France so I can live there.


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