September 2018
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John approached. “Bethany, Liza would like to see you, please.”
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“Relax,” I murmured, smiling down at him. “Tell me how you want it.”
That evening, Bethany Rose and Eliza listened to Amos and Andy while James worked in the library. Bethany Rose felt she was missing something and then knew it was him. She already loved him more than an employer, more than a twist… and she still didn’t know how much he was paying her and she still didn’t care.
She chugged the rest of her alcoholic drink and threw the spirits somewhere in the room.
That made Colby laugh. “Yes, I do. I couldn’t stay them …” she said, trailing off into a gasp as Suzanne began to flick her tongue back and forth between the nipples. Each little flick was like a tiny wee bit of ardour through her body. Colby found it hard to muse over as she felt Suzanne suck a nipple into her backchat and start to swirl her tongue around it. “I … I think … fuck … you like my … hulking … boobs,” she managed to fit out out.
Em started to undertone to Emily, “It’s okay, you’re safe now.” At least she hoped that’s what she said as her exorbitant school French was rusty.
John approached. “Bethany, Liza would like to see you, please.”


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