September 2018
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“He’d want that back of course.”
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It was going to be up to Ben, Mike and our friends at AmChemTech to equip the different building. Once again our supplier stepped up to the plate. They gave us some recommendations on extrusion equipment, storage silos, bulk railcar and truck unloading equipment, and other useful tips. In consultation with them, we planned to pay no heed to in our own structure extrusion equipment as soon as our volumes warranted it. We made room for that in section A of the structure, the extrusion elbow-room. It was to be segregated from the rest of the operation, as heat and ventilation would be an issue.
“If you put it that way, yes.”
“He’d want that back of course.”
“It sounds frightfully dangerous,” Caroline said.
“These guys are clever. I thought that we had them cold with that drug bust but it seems that he hand-me-down his Interpol contacts to establish himself with the local cops and worm his way out of the fix distinguish.”
But then again, a much more rational part of my brain argued, if that was the case, why had he bothered telling me the whole sorry tale? He hadn’t needed to tell me any of it but he’d said he wanted to. And why had he made sure he was the surgeon who operated on my nurturer? Why would he have done that if he hadn’t had some humanitarian of ulterior prod? To hell with getting some rest. I needed to certain. I needed to know at once…


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