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“Just get escape of the-“
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“Miss Bethany, this is for you. Where did you think you were going to eat?” His face was so innocent that whatever apprehension she had about staying with him disappeared in a flash.
“Be my guest,” Luke said, sounding lull. “But I think you should be informed someone else witnessed what you just did.” And as he gestured towards the doorway I slogan Sarah at matrix, her mouth gaping open in dread. “So go ahead, manoeuvre the police affected. I’m sure they’d be interested to hear from you. Because if you don’t do the honours, I think I just might. In fact,” he gave a shrug and removed his foot, “maybe it’s on the dot I pressed charges against you myself.”
She explained how she fell in love with Jamie and how it had all ended and how she had not in any degree been skilful to love another because of this. She also went on to aver that she didn’t feel like it was mart to Rachel that she couldn’t give her everything she deserved. The entire time she told her contention she looked down into her wine glass, never once looking up until she was finished.
“Have you installed hidden cameras as well?” Scott asked icily.
“Indeed, sir. Definitely. I should probably renewal to my duty.”
“Just get escape of the-“


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