November 2017
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“Leave my dead grandmother out of this.”
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John looked at the list she gave him. “Somebody’s got a sweet tooth. That wouldn’t be you, would it?” God, he sounded so… “I’ll get them. Please wait for me here.”
‘Robust you need to fix that schedule of yours,’ my mom said, accidentally stepping in my panties.
“Leave my dead grandmother out of this.”
Gloria sighed. Reaching aid to pick up her coffee, she took a few sips, clearly giving herself interval to cause a carefully considered response. “Well,” she said at last, replacing the cup, “there are those that might say she should charge herself I’m afraid.”
I’d pushed past spoil and daughter and headed into the bathroom, the signs of their occupation ubiquitously. Janine’s toiletries were on the tiled window sill, there were plastic ducks in the bath, nappies and baby wipes stacked on the floor in front of the scales and a changing mat parallel to the bath. But when I opened the mirrored cabinet on the sink, I was taken even yet aback to see the other woman’s things crammed in next to mine. A cheap supermarket brand of tampons, face cream, perfume, make-up. Just how long had she been staying there?
“So she was lured away?”


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