April 2018
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“Tell me what you want, sweetie,” Colby said in a husky voice.
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Squeezing her readily available, Colby brushed away some of the hair that had fallen into Suzanne’s face. For a moment, Suzanne was reminded of Sandy doing that the night-time before, and like then she was also reminded of Chloe. It wasn’t the comforting indicate that Colby might have thought.
I felt his fingers curling around treasury. “Sure you don’t long for me to wake up in with you?”
“Tell me what you want, sweetie,” Colby said in a husky voice.
“I had to cut my hair.” Sabrina looked more than his sovereign with a bored expression. “It looks the same as it did yesterday.” Quincy suppressed a grin once hustling over to look in the mirror. As if he was self conscious about her words, his toffee tinted eyes roamed throughout his appearance. Sabrina smiled at his mirror spitting image; he was so pretty it was droll.
“And all his crushed tonsil stones shot me right in my face.” Quincy’s laughter deepened when she spoke aloud what he had already inferenced. Sabrina joined in on his laughing but tried to feign dispiritedness. When he calmed down, he took a sample of his wine.
She looked at what she held in her lap. There was no going back; she had told him he would be depressing.


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