April 2018
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“Perchance he wants to learn some new tricks,” Laura suggested.
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“Ouch! Damn it! Jesus, that hurt.” She rolled off and lay on the bed facing the other way.
“Oh she was just giving me some friendly advice on how to keep you in line.”
Chad worked his system down towards Blaine’s feet and looked at them, he wasn’t a lover of feet but Blaine’s were arousing, hell everything on his little man was sexy. He didn’t know what bedevilled him to do what he did next but, Chad leant forward and sucked Blaine’s big toe into his mouth swirling his tongue around the tip of it, just like sucking a mini cock.
“I feel like shit,” she returned to dropping her mentality. Nathan kissed her on the forehead and pulled her back to the seat next to him on the exam table. Without much thought, she slid her hand into his not busy one. When she didn’t feel well, a hug was necessary, but holding someone’s hand was settle better. She squeezed gently, and he squeezed back. She leaned back to him and put her head uphold on his shoulder.
“Perchance he wants to learn some new tricks,” Laura suggested.
Definitely back in the loading area, they made their opportunity off the ride and headed towards the exit in silence. No more words were necessary.


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