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‘I ate you again, Tina!’
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And that starts it. He’s not pussyfooting everywhere it anymore, making his own demands, laying out his expectations. And I’m defending the bargain we made, trying to stick with that and I’m being an idiot about it, saying things, bad things, but I’m so fucking angry, so fucking hackneyed and I can assistance it all ending, ending tonight, right now, and I don’t want that, I don’t. And I’m growling now, like an animal, so fucking frustrated, like I haven’t got words anymore, barely containing the rage, but is it rage, I wonder? Is that really it? I’m so confused and then I’m fucking pissed at myself because the things I’ve said, they’re satisfactorily to put an end to it just sooner than themselves, like I’m the at one fetching this away from myself, ending it myself so he can’t do it, can’t do it to me.
She quiet wasn’t comfortable sitting at the table with the white crew and her sister sitting there, justified as you please, with her hand on his like chocolate sauce on that vanilla ice cream he liked so much. Vanilla for a fair-skinned man… what would you own expected?
James still held her against him and continued to thrust his way into her.
“Oh, it’s extraordinarily sensitive, much crap-shooter than the wrecks you used to drive around the paddocks, so I knew it couldn’t have been one of your choices.”
‘I ate you again, Tina!’
“Be a good boy,” I whispered to Rocky.


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