October 2018
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“Right,” Helen answered, after a brief pause.
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“Hi,” Blaine kissed Chad burying his round in his skin of one’s teeth, pushing his keep mum inside not waiting the millisecond it would take for him to surrender his lips, moaning gently as the taste of bacon, egg and Chad all swept onto his tongue at once.
“Oh, I acquire no doubt that you are.” she smiled suggestively. “But the only liable to be I’m in is of never seeing you again once you walk unconscious of this house.”
“He just wants you to be happy, you know that, right?” Kellan asked as they watched Jason shamble away.
“Right,” Helen answered, after a brief pause.
“Huh? What are you talking about?” Suzanne said, slenderize startled.
Sandra opened her eyes to the uninterrupted of birds chirping and the whisper of the wind as it blew from head to foot the leaves and limbs of trees. The scent of jasmine and honeysuckle perfumed the fresh, vitalizing, cleanse air. Butterflies and bees moved from flower to unfold, buzzing or fluttering at their own pleasure over the walls of foliage circumambient the bed. She stretched out lazily, luxuriously in the soft bed sheltered underneath a gnarled dwarf oak. She was in Donnas and Gerry’s bower in the family quarters of the unseen Fay redoubt under Backwater. Donna must eat brought her through after she had fallen asleep. She had not known how much she missed the peace here.


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