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He’s right in front of me. Smiling at me. At ME.
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I have never been to such a gathering nor dressed in such opulent finery, and I would have been to be sure ‘ overwhelmed if not suited for the kindness of his Lordship and Sir Edward. At one something, as we were seated apart from the horrible crush of people intended to do us honour, Sir Edward remarked that if Napoleon had seen that this crowd of favour-seekers and sycophants were the power behind the King, he would have been emboldened to continue for another five years. To which Lord Wellington retorted with a paraphrase of an epigram that he had seemingly delivered in Spain when sent a new draft of troops: “I don’t grasp what effect these men would have on the enemy, but by Demiurge, they scare me.” It was all we could do to terminus laughing when Her Majesty finally appeared.
He’s right in front of me. Smiling at me. At ME.
Just offshore, dying schools of barracuda and the occasional Great White roamed what seemed a peaceful sea, waiting for any unsuspecting meal to come along, be it seal or swimmer.
“I don’t want to end up standing.”
One look at her obverse and Chris was convinced that this was the best he would engage out of the deal.
“Uh. Hi.” Obviously sleeping with him didn’t untangle the problems I had speaking throughout him. Either that or realising just how much I liked him had robbed me of my faculties.


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