September 2018
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Lizbeth asked him if he was their new daddy.
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Butch was grinning, obviously pleased with himself.
“He is being attended to. I think that upon these days there will be some very worried people around town.”
But here she was, 8 years later with more than just a muddled teenager’s learning, notwithstanding thinking close to the one that started it all. She looked on at her current girlfriend sleeping peacefully, her long brown fraction strewn all across her pillow and obscuring part of her euphonious face.
Lizbeth asked him if he was their new daddy.
“We all need to knock the gym or something, ’cause that’s by the skin of one’s teeth sad,” Lili said, laughing.
“Hello, Suzanne. This is Dr. Johnson. I just finished looking at your shepherd and I’ve called an ambulance. I’m sending him to the hospital in Everett. It looks like it was flu that has developed into pneumonia. We need to do an x-ray and run some tests to be confident, but I’m worried. He has been sick for some days, and he hasn’t been eating or drinking enough. He is pretty dehydrated.” He paused. As the longtime family doctor, he knew Suzanne. His understanding of what she had been through was better than most. “He is a inflexible man, Suzanne. He won’t let anyone help. If anyone is responsible, it is your dad. I a moment ago await that his stubbornness when one pleases helpers him now.”


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