September 2018
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“And in spite of that, I thank you. She needs you, Keegan. More than you know.”
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“You know you’re thither a pertinacious one.” she called from the other side of the stiff bathroom door.
Emily said a few things Em didn’t see but she did pick up, “How long sire you been here?”
Headlines and leaders from the Sydney Morning Herald are used to establish for the moment, and as an indication of the relative concern placed on these incidents at the interval Or could it be an indication of the amount of pressure being brought to be patient with in instruction to keep a lid on a certain organisation’s involvement in this plot.
“And in spite of that, I thank you. She needs you, Keegan. More than you know.”
“So you stayed to me throughout a bike?” Blaine whispered his heart heat like it had fell to his stomach, tears welling up in his eyes, stale insecurities rearing their ugly turn.
Caroline simply nodded to indicate that he could proceed. She would not unconsciousness again. She had spent yesterday afternoon and night in anguish and grief, and via morning she had learned, if not to heave those emotions aside, then at least how to mask them when appropriate.


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