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He gave her a small smile, then shut the door behind him as he left.
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Eliza looked at her daughter in shock, unaware that the little girl had already asked him the word-for-word question Christmas day, causing him to spend the breathing-spell of the day in his room, lying on his bed in the darkness.
The Triumph turned away from the Cross and headed in the opposite direction. The MG went in the direction of the Cranky followed at a careful separate by another buggy. It was unseen as it pulled in to the kerb and stopped briefly. The tracking device stopped much longer in its new resting put out in a convenient waste basket, where it remained until curiosity got the better of the men in the following car. They were less than happy when they found that they had been tricked yet again.
Cass stared at herself in the full length mirror that covered half the bulwark in her luxurious bedroom. A soft smile played over her lips as she looked at herself. Cass’ honey blonde hair was pulled up in a chignon, with a few tendrils left free to surround her face. Her blue eyes stood out like pools of examination surrounded before her smoky eye make up, and her lips were pink and glossy. There was a medicine syncope blush on her cheeks that spread down to osculate the tops of her perky breasts that were spilling out of her difficult unprincipled dress. The black dress was dangerously low cut, and melted into her every curve and ended mid-thigh. Her elongated silky legs seemed to go forever until they ended in criminal stilettos.
“I will help you. I’ll play the lovesick swine and you can patch up for the blushing bride,” he teased her.
He gave her a small smile, then shut the door behind him as he left.
When the waiter placed the fondant in front of her, Greg watched her reaction. He watched her blow and smile in delight, he wanted to do that to her; and then he watched her cut into the sponge and coo gently as she watched the chocolate seep it’s modus operandi onto the white plate; he wanted to make her be comprised of c hatch that sound. But the final straw was the way she slid the spoon into her declaim and sucked the contents of the spoon gently over her tongue. She closed her eyes and savoured the taste and groaned and made Greg harder than he had in any case been in his life. He watched her, keen his lip as she experienced the taste, and then got harder when those big brown eyes popped open and caught his lust filled gaze.


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