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There was laughter from the kids, running footsteps, and then the door opened.
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Reverend Hunt stared at the unmixed report of paper on his kitchen table as he had since breakfast. It was as empty as his mind seemed to be.
“You liking sit down and do as one is told to me!” The authority in Burroughs’ voice forced urgent compliance. “The other categorize that we have uncovered is our old-time friends the IRA. They have got a one of redress nasties being sponsored by some of your less moderate Trade Unions for the purpose of causing embarrassment to your government by biting your safe keeping trellis-work over the CHOGM seminar. Quite frankly, from what we’ve seen of your custody someone with the IQ of a sponge would take little discommode in achieving that, and Hooley and Flynn bear a little more intelligence than that. Now we could take them pulled in now but that may hand out them time to bring in a back-up team, so I suggest that they are watched and nothing more as a remedy for the time being. Our biggest problem is that, whatever happens, you blokes will have a lot of explaining to do, so we thought it best to bring you up to date. Are there any questions?”
There was laughter from the kids, running footsteps, and then the door opened.
“Excuse’s go Cal,” Greg said.
“So, tell me what’s prospering on,” he said.
“I want your confab that the CIA has had nothing to do with the Ananda Marga sect or its militant arm the ‘Proutists’.”


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