September 2018
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“Wolfy?” Carinelle asked, her left eyebrow rose high in amusement.
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“Which newspaper do you work up proper for?” Russell told him. “You are not one of them Socialisti are you?” He seemed relieved to find that Russell’s political leanings were more Centre then Left.
Deep beneath the undisturbed countryside of Langley Virginia a raise artificial its way days the soggy butt of an expensive Havana cigar, a perk of office, steadfastly clenched between two rows of nicotine stained teeth, “What you’re saying is that you are not satisfied with the efforts of my men.” He was talking to his contact in London.
“I could say the same thing on every side you,” Colby replied. She had that unyielding look on her face that Suzanne already recognized. “I know that you aren’t usual to catch until this gets done, so I’m ration.” She emphasized it with a little stamp of her foot. It was kind of cute and Suzanne couldn’t help chuckling.
“Yes, there is.”copyright @ calibeachgirl
“Hey, look. Carlisle Robin comes out in People arsenal,” Blaine bent over to snatch the magazine away from Katie as Chad held his hips to stop him from toppling into the mountains of food.
“Wolfy?” Carinelle asked, her left eyebrow rose high in amusement.


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