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“That’s one reason,” Callia sighed as Blythe pulled Lucas away from Doug.
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“You’re always horny.” Blaine leant up and rubbed his nose against Chad’s
Cathy raised her eyes bluntly to the ceiling. “That’s emotional blackmail.”
“Hold it a take down! Don’t you think that I should have been consulted beforehand you went and byzantine an outsider in this functional?”
“That’s one reason,” Callia sighed as Blythe pulled Lucas away from Doug.
“Happy,” Wellington said. He took Caroline’s hand in his and bowed low to press his lips against her blood, a abandon that lingered perhaps lose longer than dignity would have suggested appropriate. It confirmed everything she had heard about his reputation. The victor of the encounter of Vitoria and the siege of Toulouse was in his forties, married but, as was often the case when he stepped broken in London society, with a wife nowhere to be seen. He was a generous man, with dark, flashing eyes that seemed full of wit.
The relocation of Caroline and her household, still, was to be delayed. It was not that London suffered from a shortage of laborers. Less, it was their sobriety that was at issue. On the first of April came the account that Paris had fallen to the allies two days before. London erupted in observation. For the following week, the hot item from France kept the streets of London filled with revelers. On April 2, Napoleon was deposed by the French Sénat. On April 6, his marshals compelled his abdication in favor of his son. And there would be yet more. The word on the streets, and in the homes of the wealthy and powerful who had welcomed Caroline into their salons, was that the allies intended to force an unconditional abdication, restoring power in France to the monarchy where it belonged.


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