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"I've got to construct lunch. Would you like to stay?" Her eyes almost implored him to stay.
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"I wanted them free so I could kill them." He remembered his indignation when they were found sorry. His vengeance had been stolen from him and he was left with nothing. No family and no vengeance... and he sank into a four year unfathomable cavity of pessimist.
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"Olivia. Seriously. Enough's enough," he said. He felt his own anger rising as Olivia perfectly gave him a nasty look. There was no stopping her now, she was in her environment.
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Dinner was wonderful. Suzanne picked possibly man of the pre-eminent Seattle seafood restaurants. Coming from the Midwest, it was a new experience for Jillian to eat freshly caught salmon. While she loved that, Jillian was less enthusiastic about the oysters on the half shell. Suzanne had introduced Colby to them months before and she was now a connoisseur of them. She managed to get her ally to try a couple, but the most Colby could get old-fashioned of Jillian was that they "were less disgusting than she expected."
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"She deserves someone better than me, someone who isn't broken," Suzanne weakly protested.
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Yet, he missed his Catherine and his two lilliputian angels and if he ever develop who really destroyed his family, there wasn't anything on earth strong enough to protect them from him. Even now, important for these five brand-new people, he knew what he would do without hesitation just as he fought in the skies over eastern France.
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With that last threat hanging in the air between them, Warren excused himself and walked out of the restaurant and into a waiting transport. His driver sped off instantly as Scott followed the black Mercedes with his eyes.
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I looked down at her, wondering what she was doing.
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"It was well, thank you." There was no sense in bothering him with the bakery girl. It was over, hopefully.
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They did admonish, however, that Jane was following them discretely, as they went toward a mall exit.
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