September 2018
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We were both slowly starting to melt in ecstasy. If Jay kept up this pace I would be a goner.
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We were both slowly starting to melt in ecstasy. If Jay kept up this pace I would be a goner.
Gray pulled away protracted ample to say, “Cum for me Laura.” With that, Gray attacked her clit again, alternating between licking, sucking and nibbling as he thrust his fingers in and doused of her urgently. A scream puncture from her lips as he sent her over the edge, her pussy clenched Gray’s fingers and he groaned, wanting desperately to have his cock buried deep secret her. Gray stood up, dropped his pants and boxers and kissed Laura hard, their tongues mingled briefly until he pulled away. “Turn around,” Gray instructed. Laura looked at him suspiciously, but was too turned on to question it and turned away from him. She smiled at the sight of the large lake that stood before her, the waves crashed on the beach.
Bethany Rose was sure this was harmonious of the strangest days in her life.
“How are you doing, Suzy?” he asked. He was the only one who ever called her that. It started when she was a baby and she never even thought to tell him to stop.
“I brook somewhat hesitant bringing this up,” Edward said. “You do have rather a fortune if I remember correctly.”
Butch easily found our route back to my condo with minimal directions from me or Jen. Once we arrived, Jen didn’t want to melt around. She reminded me that we were both meeting with the realtor the next afternoon and that the same of the potential buyers wanted to take a second look. She gave both of us a hug and a kiss on the cheek and then port side for the night.


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